'Karat' SAFE - Electronic/Finger Scan (45-Litres)

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  • Electronic Keypad with Finger-scan capabilities
  • Secutronic electronic combination lock
  • ECB.S certified according to EN 1300 Class B
  • Insurance rating $70,000
  • Up to 24 finger-scans can be stored
  • Intelligent, menu driven operation
  • Administration of up to 10 users, 1 million different combinations and up to 300 optional TSE E-keys
  • User names, access times and rights, calendar functions etc are available
  • Tested and supervised security by ECB.S.
  • Protected against burglary and fire.
  • Triple-walled body.
  • Exterior walls made from flame-cutting resistant stainless steel.
  • Double-walled door, with additional armouring.
  • Door leaf thickness 7mm Siemens-Martin Steel.
  • Three sided locking through strong square bolts.
  • Top and bottom bolts feature integrated steel rollers to protect against cutting attacks.
  • Extreme protection against flame cutting, drilling and attack
  • All over gripping hinge.
  • Prepared for both wall and floor fixing - fixing materials extremely high breaking strength.
  • Fire protective material in body and door, with special fire-fold for added protection.
  • Depth for files of common size, with 1 adjustable shelf.
  • Platinum grey finish.
  • Special protection against drilling
  • Heat sensitive emergency locking mechanism


  • Exterior Size (H x W x D): 530 x 430 x 390 
  • Interior Size (H x W x D): 440 x 348 x 294
  • Door Size (H x W): 440 x 336
  • Weight (KG): 60 
  • Volume(L): 45.3