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The L3-30 is the latest Fiber Laser engraver from LOCKDECODERS. The L3 series engravers are professional engravers perfectly suited to Locksmiths or similar professions that require a compact, high quality commercial Laser engraver, for fast engraving on items like Restricted keys, Cylinders, Padlocks, Scar plates, Dog tags and 1000's of other things.

  • Fast, Quiet & Accurate
  • Advanced Laser technology
  • Laser Marking & Cutting
  • Minimizes installation space due to compact size (can be placed on table)
  • Automatically opens and closes its own cover when start marking. ensuring the user is kept safe.
  • Black / White engraving options
  • Internal camera, this helps design making
  • Laser auto focusing automatically finds the focus point
  • Vacuum is automatically turned on & off as needed (very quiet) Vacuum intakes dust and fumes keeping the work area clean and safe
  • NEW easy to use Magic Art 7 Software (Included)
  • The sight protection glass on the safety door protects users when looking at the engraving job


  • Size (W X H X D): 404 x 556 x 590mm
  • Max Material Height: 100mm
  • Internal chamber area: 350mm (W) x 100mm (H) x 170mm (D)
  • Max Material Weight: 20kg
  • Air Cooling
  • Laser Power: 30W
  • Class 1 Laser

Supplied as Standard Equipment with Art. L3-30 Engraver (see RELATED PRODUCTS)

  • Medal Centering Clamp (Art. L3-30-004)
  • Anti Curling Plate (Art. L3-30-002)
  • Blower Set (Art. L3-30-003)

Optional Accessories for Art. L3-30 Engraver (see RELATED PRODUCTS)

  • Honeycomb Table (Art. L3-30-005)
  • Laser Rotary Tool (Art. L3-30-001)

WARNINGS: Use caution when operating this machine with any plastic jigs or similar materials.
Heat generated from laser can pose a fire risk if there is direct laser contact to plastic.

DO NOT leave machine unattended when in use and only trained staff should operate.

Like with other heat generating electrical equipment, always have a suitable fire safety plan.