'Key Tool Max PRO' - Remote Prog. & TP Cloner/Generator

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The Art. KTM-PRO is a very Powerful & Completely Stand-Alone Remote/Transponder Machine.

Being Completely Stand-Alone there is No risk of Compatibility issues from different Hardware devices and No chance of interruption during programming (from phone calls etc.)

This new variation includes an OBDII cable, eliminating the need to purchase the XHORSE M-OBD Dongle.

It also includes Battery Test probes for testing voltage on a vehicles battery or the battery of a remote.

All existing purchased hardware like the 8A Cable etc. can be combined with the new PRO version for existing KTM users that wish to upgrade.

The Key Tool Max Pro includes the following functions:

Remote Generation

  • Generate Remotes that are separate to the Transponder.
  • Generate Remotes that are integrated with the Transponder.
  • Generate Smart/Proximity Keys.

Transponder Cloning & Generation

  • Texas Crypto DST+ - H key Clone
  • Megamos Crypto - 8C
  • Fixed Code - ID11, 12, 33, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 
  • Texas Fixed - 4C 
  • Megamos Crypto - 8E
  • Texas Crypto - 4D - (ID60- 71)
  • Texas Crypto - Toyota ā€˜Gā€™
  • Texas Crypto DST - 70/83 (80 bit)
  • Philips Crypto - ID46
  • Philips Crypto 2 - ID47,49 (Clone some)
  • Megamos Crypto - ID48 (96 bit)
  • +  Advanced Transponder editing functions

  • Battery capacity: 3375mAh
  • Battery life>6 hours
  • Standby time>5 days
  • Recharging current: 1500mAh 
  • Brightness>400nlts
  • Screen resolution: 1280*720