'Miraclone' - PACKAGE 2.09 (TOY/LEX)

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This configuration upgrades your MiraClone to have the features listed below.

Note: You must have a MiraClone Base Unit & EEPROM Std Package before adding on any custom EEPROM Packages

Generate transponders via immobiliser EEPROM file for the following modules:

110. Toyota immobox ID:67

111. Toyota immobox type 2 ID:67

112. Toyota immobox ID:70

113. Toyota immobox type 2 ID:70

114. Toyota immobox type 3 ID:70

195. Lexus, Toyota immobox type 3 ID:68

226. Toyota immobox Tokai Rika ID:67

234. Toyota immobox Tokai Rika ID:67 v2

346. Toyota immobox ID:6E

355. Lexus Immobox id68

371. Toyota, Lexus Smartkey unit Denso ID:6A, 6B, 74:

375. Toyota Immobox ID6A

376. Toyota Immobox ID6E

382. Toyota Smart Key Tokai Rika

417. Toyota Smart ECU Valeo

NEW! 460 Subaru-Toyota Integ Unit Assy Denso Keyblade

Vehicle Coverage:

Lexus GS

Lexus IS

Lexus GX460

Lexus LS460

Lexus LS570

Lexus RX

Toyota Corolla

Toyota IQ

Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Toyota Prado

Toyota Porte

Toyota RAV4

Toyota Spade

Toyota Venza

Toyota Vios

Toyota 86 + much more


  • 16 x EEPROM Modules
  • Generates both Transponders & Smart keys from EEPROM module.