'Diplomat' SAFE - Electronic/Finger Scan (56-Litres) *White*

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  • Tested and supervised security by ECB.S/VdS
  • Insurance rating $110,000 approx.
  • Certified protection against burglary and fire
  • ECB.S Certified to Resistance Grade 1
  • Resistance Grade I according to EN 1143-1
  • Certified fire protection according to EN 15659. LFS 60 P
  • Certified 60 minute protection against fire
  • Triple-walled body with armoured, special fireproof insulation
  • BURG-WÄCHTER special 'FPC Buildup' insulation in body and door
  • Special rear wall construction with additional armouring
  • Four-walled door with extensive armouring to protect boltwork and lock
  • Door also features BURG-WÄCHTER's patented, non-resettable double emergency locking system
  • Four sided locking through strong round bolts
  • Recessed door for added protection
  • Specially concealed hinges
  • Heat sensitive seals - swells to seal door in event of a fire
  • Prepared for both wall and floor fixing - fixing materials included
  • Accepts up to 12mm bolt
  • Depth for files of common size, with 1 x adjustable shelf
  • White metallic finish

SecuTronic - the first biometric safe lock with VdS Certification

  • Developed by BURG-WÄCHTER
  • VdS approved lock with fingerscan module, EN 1300 class 2
  • Programmable electronic lock
  • 10 x 6 digit pincodes
  • 1,000,000 possible combinations
  • Up to 20 x fingerscans
  • When opening with fingerscan, 2 different fingers must be entered/programmed
  • Scanner only accepts 'real, live fingers'
  • Precise finger scanner, for accurate reading
  • Intelligent, menu driven operation
  • Administration of up to 10 users, 1 million different combinations and up to 300 optional TSE E-keys
  • User names, access times and rights, calendar functions etc. are available


  • Exterior Size (H x W x D): 625 x 500 x 462mm (not including key pad)
  • Key pad protrudes 15mm & handle protrudes 63mm only when pulled out to open safe
  • Interior Size (H x W x D): 500 x 372 x 300mm
  • Door Size (H x W): 500 x 337mm
  • Weight (KG): 132kg
  • Volume(L): 55.8L