'Lishi' STARTER KIT - Includes 20 x Popular Lishi Picks in Leather 24-Place Tool Case

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The LP-20 LISHI Pick Starter Kit, is the ideal kit for anyone getting into LISHI automotive picking and decoding.

The kit contains 20 x of the most popular automotive pick and decoders, making it perfect for beginners or experienced people. The leather case can hold a total of 24 x tools, The case is also available on its own, should you want to increase your range of picks in the future to more than 24.  


Kit contains the below individual items.

  • LP-LTB-24         24 Place LEATHER TOOL BAG/WALLET - Double Sided - 12 Tools per Side
  • LP-CY24-AG            CHRYSLER Group - VEHICLE ONLY - Suits Keyways- CHR-15 (CY24) 
  • LP-DAT17                    SUBARU - Suits Keyways- SUB-2 (DAT17) 
  • LP-GM45                    GM-HOLDEN - for VE Commodore - Suits Keyways GM-49D (GM45) 
  • LP-HON66-AG            HONDA - Suits Keyways HOND-31 (HON66) 
  • LP-HU100-AG              GM-HOLDEN/OPEL - Suits Keyways OP-11 (HU100)
  • LP-HU101-AG              FORD - 10 CUTS - Suits Keyways FO-24 (HU101) 
  • LP-HU43                      GM-HOLDEN - For VN-VZ Commodore - Suits Keyways OP-WH.P (HU43) 
  • LP-HU46                      GM-HOLDEN-OPEL - For Astra - Suits Keyways OP-S (HU46)
  • LP-HU58-TL-AG          BMW - Suits Keyways BM-5 (HU58)
  • LP-HU66-TL-AG            VAG Group - Suits Keyways HU-HAA (HU66)
  • LP-HU92-TL-AG            BMW 2-TRACK - Twin Lifter - Suits Keyways BM-6 (HU92) 
  • LP-ISU5                          ISUZU Truck- 10 CUTS - Suits Keyways ISU-5.P3 (ISU5)
  • LP-MAZ24R-AG            MAZDA - DR/BT Only - Suits Keyways MAZ-11D (MAZ24R)
  • LP-MIT11R-I-AG          MITSUBISHI - Suits MIT-8D (MIT11R)
  • LP-MIT8-D                    MITSUBISHI/ISUZU/SUZUKI - Suits Keyways MIT-12 (MIT8) - GM-4 (GM15)( SZ12) 
  • LP-TOY40                      TOYOTA/LEXUS - Suits TOYO-18 (TOY40) 
  • LP-TOY43-D10-AG      TOYOTA -10 CUT - Suits Keyways TOYO-15 (TOY43)
  • LP-TOY43-IG10-AG    TOYOTA -10 CUT - Suits Keyways TOYO-15 (TOY43) 
  • LP-TOY43R-AG          SUBARU/ISUZU/HOLDEN - Suits Keyways ISU-3D (TOY43R) 
  • LP-TOY48-AG              TOYOTA/LEXUS - Suits Keyways TOYO-30 (TOY48)