'MIRACLE-A9-EA-L' - Lite - Cut Keys to CODE MACHINE *EOFY Deal* JUNE 2022

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** EOFY DEAL! **

50 x FREE JMA Transponder Keys

Click the Transponder keys below included 

10 x TOYO-15.P (Like TOY43)

10 x FO-24.P (Like HU101)

10 X FO-6.P (Like FO21)

10 X DAT-15.P2 (Like NSN14)

10 X ISU-3D.P1 (Like TOY43R)


  • Automotive Key cutting only - Tablet Not Included ( use your own Tablet! )
  • Connects to InstaCode
  • No Tablet is supplied with the light version 
  • Connect to an existing computer or tablet
  • Improved Noise Reduction Technology with Low-vibration Design
  • Wireless (WIFI) Update Function
  • Supplied with Automotive Key Vice
  • Creates new keys from code
  • Cuts 2 track & 4 track Laser Automotive Keys
  • Also cuts Single and Double sided Auto Keys
  • LED illuminated cutting area
  • 27W DC Motor for a fast cut cycle
  • Manual Operation Function
  • Compact design for easy portability
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Purchase the Domestic Jaw and be able to cut domestic keys (A9.DOM-VICE)


  • Size (W X H X D): 276 x 353 x 341 mm
  • Weight: 19.5 Kg
  • Spindle Motor Power:  24V (27W)
  • Main Power: 240V (50/60Hz)