ADVANCED KEY PROGRAMMING KIT- Fully Loaded Kit - Inc. 12 mths Software Updates & SRS (inc. all IM608-PRO Components ,GBOX2, IMPKA & APB112)

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AUTEL-IM608-PRO is an Advanced Automotive Key & Remote programming Machine & is most suited to experienced Automotive technicians that need solutions now for New & Premium vehicles.

This machine is focused on implementing easy to follow solutions for Late model vehicles, Especially European vehicles including VW & Mercedes.

AUTEL does not require Tokens to program Keys & Remotes for the majority of vehicles.

For most late model VW/SKODA vehicles it is not necessary to remove any components from the vehicle (Cluster, ECU etc.) A transponder can be generated completely via OBD. This Online portal has a charge of $10-$30 USD per use  (vehicle dependent)

Regular updates are available as they are rolled out and the unit is updated via WiFi.

Note: There is an annual charge that covers both AUTEL updates & SRS. The 1st year is included with the purchase of the tool.

** Now comes with 2x additional Cables**

AUTEL supports the following situations:

  • All Keys Lost
  • Online Functions for All keys Lost ( premium vehicles )
  • Additional Keys
  • Remote programming
  • Pin code reading
  • Pin code calculators
  • Complete automotive Diagnostics ( Live data, special function, Fault codes etc.)
  • Data recording & Screenshots.
  • TeamViewer compatible
  • Full EEPROM/MCU reading/writing function.
  • Full Immobiliser Calculation via Eeprom Dump tool


  • BENZ - 3rd Generation IMMO CAN-Line/K-Line Add Key, All Key Lost via OBD
  • JAGUAR/ LANDROVER  - Add Key/All Key Lost up to 2019
  • BMW - Support EWS3/4, CAS 1/2/3/4, FEM/BOC Add Key/All Key Lost
  • RENAULT - Add Key/All Key Lost (No PIN Needed) up to 2020
  • VOLKSWAGEN/SKODA Add Key/All Key Lost via OBD for 2013 - 2020 Models
  • GM - Read IMMO Password, Add Key/All Key Lost up to 2020
  • FORD/MAZDA - Add Key/All Key Lost (No PIN Needed) up to 2020
  • FCA ( Fiat, Chrysler group) Read IMMO Password, Add Key/All Key Lost up to 2020
  • MITSUBISHI - Add Key/All Key Lost (No PIN Needed) up to 2020
  • + Much more....


  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 15000 mAh
  • Internet Updatable  Wi-Fi
  • Multilingual Support
  • Limited Two Year Warranty
  • Touchscreen 10.1-inch
  • Memory 64GB
  • Processor Hexa-core
  • Camera 8.0 Megapixel
  • Resolution  1920x1200
  • Bluetooth connection to MAXIFLASH (below)


  • Connects the device to the vehicles OBD Port via a standard high density DB-26 MVCI-OBDII Cable.
  • Fully compatible with both SAE J2534-1 and J2534-2 reprogramming standards
  • Fast performance ensures quickly reprogramming even the newest controllers
  • Wireless transmission with advanced networking functions
  • Built-in wireless and data storage
  • Rugged design capable of withstanding harsh environments
  • Internet updateable
UP400- Data Read & Chip Programmer
  • Read/Write Data
  • Support 400+ EEPROM chip types
  • Support 2000+ MCU chip types
  • Support 40+ engine ECU chip types
  • Support 200+ immobilizer ECU chip types
  • Key Unlock Supports 11 key types (Volkswagen/Audi/BMW/Benz)
  • Chip writing/ Pre-program
  • Key Chip Read/Write, Key Frequency Detection, Key Generation, Infrared Key Read/Write

G-BOX 2- Fast Immo Decoder - For BENZ,BMW,EURO etc.

  • Supports Mercedes Benz All Keys Lost, faster calculate password
  • Used for Faster Mercedes ECU data and EIS password calculation
  • Supports Mercedes DAS3 can EIS/EZS all keys lost
  • Reduces reading time of W204 ECU data & W207 EIS by over 85%
  • No need to remove and reinsert the key for W221 & W164 after 2009 models
  • Can read and write BMW DME/DDE ISN in boot mode

APB112 - Smart Key Simulator - For TOY/LEX ( 46, 4D & H )

  • 46, 4D data collection
  • 46 smart key password calculation
  • 46 chip simulation
  • Toyota 4D (94/D4, 98) smart key simulation
  • Toyota H (88/A8, A9, 39) smart key simulation
  • Collects data from the ignition coil
  • Identifies ignition coil troubles
  • Decodes vehicle key chip data
  • Simulate vehicle key chip
  • Toyota/Lexus smart key all key lost
  • Chip decoding (Hyundai 46)

IMKPA EXPANDED KEY PROGRAMMING - 10x Accessories & Carry case

  • Includes 12 Adapters, compatible with the XP400Pro
  • Supports over 10 key unlock types
  • BMW EWS3 key learning
  • Benz NEC key learning
  • Benz ESL_W209 read/write/erase
  • Volkswagen/AUDI/BMW/Mercedes
  • Benz Key Unlock
  • Read/Write/Erase on Mercedes Benz  ESL_W209 / W906 Data
  • Compatible with IM608 Pro
  • Includes 1-Year Warranty