ELITE AUTOMOTIVE KEY PROGRAMMER - All-in-1 Tool - Inc. 12mths SRS & Updates See sglocks.com.au for ongoing charges

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XTOOL Elite is an Extremely powerful Diagnostic Key & Remote Programming Machine.

It is capable of programming the majority of Vehicle types from 1996- to current models.

XTOOL does not require Tokens to program Keys & Remotes.

Regular updates are available as they are rolled out and the unit is updated via WiFi.

XTOOL supports the following situations:

  • Lost Keys
  • Additional Keys
  • Remote programming
  • Pin code reading
  • Pin code calculators
  • Read + Clear fault codes
  • Data recording & Screenshots.

Main Differences from PAD2:

  • Larger Rom & Ram
  • Richer Funtionality
  • Faster Speed
  • Military Grade Tablet
  • 2.5x Better Battery life

XOOL Elite purchase icludes:

  • Mini B to USB 3.0
  • Type C Cable
  • X100 PAD Elite Cable
  • EEPROM 2 Adapter
  • Tablet Charger 
  • Test Connectors - OBDII-16, HONDA-3, MAZADA-17R, KIA20, HYUNDAI/KIA-10, DIAG SOFT Cable
  • XTOOL ELITE TABLET ‘8’ inch LED touch screen, 1024*768 resolution WITH SRS, XTOOL, MOBILE KD & TEAMVIEWER 


The SRS X-tool provides information specific to vehicles in the Australian & New Zealand market. 

  • X-tool quick view for Diagnostic Key/Remote Programming
  • Immobiliser information & X-tool Compatibility
  • X-tool comprehensive pathways & manuals
  • Transponder & Remote Info & ordering options
  • Key blade reference types for JMA, KEYDIY & Silca
  • Remote programming instructions 
  • Troubleshooting Manuals
  • Training Videos on Vehicles.
KEYDIY can generate Automotive Remotes across approximately 60+  makes & 1000’s of Vehicle models.

The portable nature of the All-in-1 X-tool means KEYDIY Remote Generation can be done at the vehicle when programming a new Key & Remote. 

Note: There is an annual charge that covers both XTOOL updates & SRS XTOOL access. The 1st year is included with the purchase of the tool.
Product Specifications:
  • CPU Quad core processor 1.8GHz
  • Memory 2GB RAM, 64 GB ROM
  • Touch screen 8 inches LED Compatible touch screen
  • Resolution 1024*768 resolution
  • Rear facing camera, 8 million pixels, with flash autofocus
  • Sensor Gravity sensor
  • Interface USB3.0,DC charging port,DB15 interface,MINI HDMI,
  • Audio Input/Output Microphone/Speaker
  • Battery 10000mAh 3.7V lithium polymer battery
  • Working temperature -20 to 50 degrees Celcius (-4 to 126 F)
  • Relative humidity <90%
  • Appearance size 275*183*33.9 (mm)


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