'XM-Series' TOYOTA style - UNIVERSAL SMART REMOTE - 3-Btn + Panic - BLACK

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The XH-TOY-XM is a Universal Smart Remote, designed to be used on Vehicles with Smart / Proximity Systems specifically in TOYOTA/LEXUS & SUBARU

In conjunction with the XHORSE Key Tool Max, this remote has the ability to lower the stock holdings of SGT or OEM smart remotes - replacing 20 + types of Toyota/Lexus smart keys alone. 

The PCB has 4 buttons, however these buttons can be configured for different applications using the Key Tool Max. Comes supplied in a 3 Button + Panic shell as standard.


  • Suits many Vehicle Makes that start by pushing a Button on the Dash when the key is in Proximity of the Vehicle.
  • No. of Buttons: 4 Button
  • Programmable with the XHORSE Key Tool Max (See Art. KTM).
  • Takes a CR2032 Battery (MAXELL CR2032 supplied FREE with order).
  • Battery must be in the remote for Wireless generating.
  • Battery Type: Coin Battery
This is a BSC Certified Remote (BSC = Battery Safety Compliant)
 BATTERY WARNING & INFO. COMPLIANCE: Packaging & Battery contains compliant consumer warnings & information as required.

 BATTERY PACKAGING SECURITY COMPLIANCE: This products packaging has been confirmed to be compliance tested.
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WARNING! KEEP BATTERIES OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. If swallowed, a lithium battery can cause severe or fatal injuries within 2 hours.

If you think batteries may have been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body, call the 24-hour Australian Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26 for fast, expert advice and seek immediate medical attention. If your child is having difficulty breathing call 000 immediately for emergency services.

Dispose of used Coin batteries immediately and safely. A battery can still be dangerous even when it can no longer operate the device. Place sticky tape around both sides of the Coin battery and dispose of it immediately out of reach of children, in an outside bin or recycle safely.